Tom Brady cliff-diving controversy another sign we're doomed as a nation

Alex Reimer
July 22, 2019 - 1:38 pm

In their never-ending quest to make Americans dumber, morning TV news is spotlighting Tom Brady’s recent cliff-jump with his six-year-old daughter. 

Tom Brady faces backlash for jumping off cliff with six-year-old daughter in Costa Rica,” the headline reads on “Good Morning America’s” website, which looks exactly like you would expect “Good Morning America’s” website to look like. The lead story, as of early Monday afternoon, was a UPS worker who “delivered an amazing rendition of ‘At Last’ to celebrate retirement.”

It is the uplifting message we need in this time of grave despair. 

GMA correspondent T.J. Holmes, a very Serious-Looking Newsman with a Serious Deep Newsman Voice, delivered a special report on the program about Brady’s “Dangerous Dive.” 

“The Today Show” did its own segment on the silliness as well, with anchor Savannah Guthrie –– who asked presidential candidates questions at a pair of widely watched debates just three weeks ago! –– addressing the “heat that NFL star Tom Brady is facing this morning.” 

“A lot of people on social media don’t like that,” Guthrie said in a stern voice. “They called Brady ‘irresponsible,’ saying he kind of yanked his daughter’s arm when she didn’t appear to be ready, and caused her to land awkwardly. Others say she came dangerously close to hitting the rocks.

“Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson even weighed in, saying, ‘You know I have complete faith in you as a man, friend, player and father –– but this just gave me anxiety.”

Guthrie, who again was recently entrusted with moderating two actual presidential debates, failed to mention “Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s” Instagram comment was littered with laughing and clapping emojis.

Even GMA included that detail! 

The supposed outrage, in this case, is confined to a few select weirdos on social media –– and largely Twitter. 

Now, given my small role in last week’s Price-Eckersley squabble, it would be hypocritical for me to condemn clickbait websites like the New York Post and CNN for publishing blogs about the pseudo-controversy. Anything involving Tom Brady is going to generate lots of traffic. It’s part of the machine we must all feed. 

But –– and this is most certainly the bleeding heart liberal in me speaking –– network morning news shows should have a higher standard. According to Pew Research, 47-percent of Americans say they prefer to get their news from TV. 

And with that responsibility, you’re talking about Tom Brady doing something fun on vacation with his daughter? Really? Our own Christian Fauria just did it with his girl. So you know it's safe.

Get back to showing cat videos. 

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