Tom Brady tells M&C why his sixth Super Bowl victory was especially sweet

Alex Reimer
February 05, 2019 - 10:56 am

While all of the Patriots’ Super Bowl wins are sweet, it’s increasingly apparent this one might be the sweetest for Tom Brady.

In a surprise call-in to “Mut & Callahan” Tuesday, Brady stressed how much the team overcame to outlast the Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl LIII.

“We overcame a lot. The football season is a marathon and we can get so caught up in what everything looks like the second week in training camp, late in September or even the bye week. But I think the mark of a team is how you perform down the stretch,” he said. “We played our best games and won a lot of different ways. It think that’s what makes it unique. Even if you look at the playoffs. To beat those three teams: the Chargers were undefeated on the road all year, then to go on the road and face KC, which was one of the best teams all year, and then to play against the Rams and win a totally different way and have the greatest defensive performance in Super Bowl history. It’s really about the team and the team sums it up. That’s always been the mark of our team. It’s never been about one player or phase of the game. It’s everybody contributing at different times. That’s what makes it so special.”

Much like the AFC championship, the Patriots capped off their Super Bowl victory with two late scoring drives. Their only touchdown drive, which featured three Brady completions to Rob Gronkowski and MVP Julian Edelman, epitomizes what this team is all about. That fact was not lost on Brady.

“It was a big drive,” he said. “Our two drives at the end of the Kansas City game were huge and our two drives at the end of this game were huge. That’s when you need it. We moved the ball pretty well. We just didn’t score as many points as we were hoping. We just couldn’t sustain a drive. They have a lot of great players, they make it tough. (Ndamukong) Suh and (Aaron) Donald are factors all day … they had a great scheme, really well-coached. That’s a great football team we beat. In the fourth quarter, we put together the drive. Gronk made a great play and Sony punched it in. The line did a great job on the last drive. Sony had some huge plays. And to get down to field goal range and have (Gostkowski) kick the field goal to win it was pretty cool.”

The odds were stacked against the Patriots returning to the Super Bowl this season, because few teams do it. The last club to return to the Super Bowl one year after losing it was the 1994 Bills. The last team to win the Super Bowl one year after losing it was the 1974 Dolphins.

On top of that, the Patriots endured an entire offseason of turmoil, from questions about Brady’s relationship with Belichick to Gronk reportedly weighing retirement. Brady says that’s all part of playing a team game.

“It’s a lot of things that are done from the outside and not the inside,” he said. “You just focus on what we focus on, which is our performance. That’s what it’s all about. We’ve said ignore the noise for a long time. Every team deals with things. Nothing is smooth or linear. These are team sports. There’s adversity at every turn. You have lots of people, it’s a big organization. We’ve done a great job over the years facing the adversity, whether it’s a lost game, like the Super Bowl last year, or losing games this year. But we’re encouraged by the positive things, too. We lose track of the many positives, because those don’t get brought up as much. We’re very blessed and humbled to be part of a great team and organization.”

Few may have expected it, but the Patriots were there at the end, surviving the gauntlet of the Chargers, Chiefs and Rams. There were no tomato cans this time around.

“You only can do what you can do. Just do your job. We’ve said it a million times,” Brady explained. “And it’s easier said than done, because you have a lot of things that can distract you from that. If you look at what our defense did in the Super Bowl, what the team did in KC, how we performed against the Chargers, how we performed in another playoff game against the Jets at the end of the year –– because it was essentially a playoff game –– how we did it against Buffalo. All different ways. Guys are called on at different points. These are all different matchups. You wish you would shut every team out or score 50 points every week. But that’s not the reality of football. That would be a joke if that were the case. It’s always a grind. You get different matchups. Every week, there’s a different week to get it done, different guys are called upon. One week it may be more Julian, one week it may be more Sony, one week it may be more Hogan. You can’t get discouraged when your number is not called, and take advantage of the opportunity when it is called. That’s what the team has always been about.”