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Tom Brady on K&C says he's feeling 'bumps and bruises' after improbable win over Texans

Alex Reimer
September 25, 2017 - 8:01 am

Tom Brady had nothing but praise to heap upon his teammates following the Patriots’ thrilling 36-33 win over the Texans Sunday.

In his weekly interview Monday with “Kirk & Callahan,” the Patriots quarterback talked about how his team competed for all four quarters. The game-winning drive featured several improbable conversions, including long third down completions to Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola. The drive ended when Brady found Brandin Cooks for a picturesque 25-yard touchdown on the far left side of the end zone.

“I think that drive was pretty much like the entire day: there was a lot of chunk plays we got and then there were negative plays,” Brady explained. “It’s hard to overcome the negative plays in two minutes, because you’ve got guys who are 30 yards down the field on routes that have got to run back 40 yards to get a call, because we’re losing yards, and then we’ve got to gain more yards on the next play. So we’ve got 2nd-and-20, 3rd-and-12 and then that 3rd-and-17 to Danny, so that’s very unrealistic for us to think we’re going to overcome those, but we did. I think that’s a great thing. We talked about ‘keep fighting for four quarters.’ I think that’s a really good team. I thought they played really well on both sides of the ball, and they just kept attacking. We took a lot of shots, they took a lot of shots. It was just kind of back and forth. I’m glad we made the plays in the end.”

Though the entire series was magnificent, the throw to Cooks will go down in Brady lore. He threaded the needle perfectly, with the ball just sailing past cornerback Kareem Jackson, who was covering Cooks on the play. 

The wideout made a sensational grab, too, keeping both of his feet inbounds. 

“I thought there was enough space if he got behind Kareem Jackson -– who was the corner and (Corey) Moore was the safety –– they were in a Cover 2 defense,” Brady said. “We had Danny going up the middle of the field and Brandin was on the sideline. I got just enough on it where it could get over Kareem and then drop down in front of the safety. Brandin made an incredible play –– two inches from the sideline and he brings it in. It was a great play.”

Brady played his best game of the season, completing 25-35 passes for 378 yards and five touchdowns. But he also took a beating against the Texans. Houston sacked him five times in the contest.

“There’s some bumps and bruins. I think it’s a bunch of things –– the emotion of the game. But I’m feeling little bumps and bruises,” Brady said.

The Houston pass-rush appeared to wear down late in the game, which Brady credits to the Patriots staying on the field for longer durations of time. It was a sweltering day at Gillette Stadium, with temperatures reaching the upper-80s. 

“There were times when I held the ball, because there was more coverage sacks,” Brady said. “They did a good job getting on us. I had to hold the ball a lot longer than I would normally like to. When you get into a drive, that’s when you can wear down a rush. After they rush two or three times on a series, that’s when you can start wearing them down. We couldn’t wear them down, because we couldn’t get a drive started. We were going three-and-out, three-and-out, three-and-out. They were over there sitting in the shade, and then finally when we got the drive moving, you could feel you were getting more time. We were gaining more confidence. In conditions like that, that’s what usually happens. The longer they’re on the field, I’m sure they won time of possession, I’m not even sure what it was, but our defense was on the field a lot longer than they were on the field, because we didn’t do a great job staying out there, converting on 3rd down, taking advantage of our short yardage opportunities. It was a crazy game. Fortunately, we came out on top.”

Brady shared his thoughts on a number of other topics, including Donald Trump’s comments about players who protest during the national anthem and Aaron Hernandez’s posthumous CTE diagnosis. Additional highlights from the interview are below:

On the trust he has for his teammates in late-game situations: You have to look in their eyes and get the same thing back from them. I get that. I think it goes hand-in-hand. They want to know I’m ready to go out there and get the job done. I’ve got to look in their eyes and know they’re gonna get the job done. I’ve been so lucky to be on so many teams and play with guys who did just that. Yesterday was no different. Danny -– the catches he made. Hoges played great. Cooks played so great. Gronk. It was just a great effort by everybody. It was pretty warm out there –– was a pretty warm day –– we hadn’t one of those warm days in a long time since training camp. Guys fought through it, guys were kind of in and out, we utilized a lot of our skill guys over the course of the first three quarters. We had a lot of three-and-outs. We needed to get out there and stay out there and we did that on the last drive of the game.

On whether he believes in “clutch:” I think there are guys who know when to rise to the moments. I don’t think it’s a foregone conclusion. I think you’ve got to get the job done. It’s not like, ‘OK, now it’s important. Now let’s go.’ We were been trying to do that all day. We just couldn’t get into the rhythms we needed to. We scored on a lot of big plays, we didn’t score on a lot of sustained drives, which I wish we would’ve been able to sustain more drives. We just, for one reason or another, were kind of stopping ourselves out there and they made some great plays. When we needed to get it done there in the 4th quarter, a lot of guys played their best football. Gronk made some big catches, Danny made some big catches and then Brandin made huge catches there on that last drive. Everyone contributed, and it was kind of what we needed, because when you play a team with a defense like that, a rush like that, I think they do a great job schematically with how they change things up and they’re a very good defense. They’ve been one of the top defenses in the league for the last three years. They’re tough to move the ball on, but ultimately we made our plays.

On whether he believe hydration can stave off sunburns, which he insinuates in the “TB12 Method:” I was just speaking as to my own personal experience. I used to get sunburned a lot as a kid, and I go to Costa Rica a lot, and I feel like I’m very, very hydrated, and I certainly think it helps –– not if you’re going to sit in the sun for long periods of time, I don’t think anybody can avoid those. But I’m just telling you about my personal experience. 

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