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Trent Dilfer might be only person in the world who wasn't entertained by Chiefs-Rams

Alex Reimer
November 20, 2018 - 11:04 am

Monday night’s showdown between the Chiefs and Rams lived up to the hype. Both teams lit up the scoreboard in the most exhilarating regular season game in ages, giving all of us a potential Super Bowl preview. But in the aftermath of the 54-51 affair, you knew certain so-called football purists were going to bemoan the lack of defense on the field –– because when given the choice of watching Patrick Mahomes connect with Tyreek Hill for long touchdown passes or punts, I am choosing the punt every single time.

Enter Trent Dilfer.

The former ESPN analyst tweeted that Chiefs-Rams, despite its incredible entertainment value, was actually a poorly played game. “Amazing fandom experience, really cool game to watch, however, overall it was bad ball!,” Dilfer wrote. “Reckless and balls to the wall doesn’t mean good football. Sean Peyton was happiest man in the world watching this.”

Dilfer further explained himself in several additional tweets, saying “clean ball is beautiful ball.” It’s hard to figure out what Dilfer didn’t find beautiful about Jared Goff slinging footballs down the field with ease, but then again, Dilfer could’ve never played a game like that. Maybe he’s coming from a point of jealously.

Aside from the wet blanket component to Dilfer’s condemnation of the game, he and others are wrong about the lack of defense on the field. The Rams forced five turnovers and both clubs scored defensive touchdowns. It was a fast-paced, intoxicating 60 minutes of football. Give me that any day over five-yard slant passes and three-and-outs. 

Given all of the rule changes, it’s possible that Monday’s contest represented a sneak peak into the NFL’s future: high-octane offenses with defenses that make some big plays and force turnovers. It may not be how professional football has always been played, but games evolve with time. 

We could only be so lucky if the game evolves into what we saw Monday evening.