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Troy Brown on D&K: Bill Belichick won't push Tom Brady towards retirement

Alex Reimer
March 20, 2018 - 6:07 pm

Troy Brown believes there could be real tension between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. But the Patriots Hall of Famer doesn’t think it will drive Brady away from football.

On “Dale & Keefe” Tuesday, Brown shared his insights into the reported Brady-Belichick rift. Few people are more qualified to comment on the situation than Brown, considering he played under Belichick and alongside Brady for more than half a decade.

“I don't think that (Belichick’s negativity) will push (Brady) out, because he's so competitive, Brown said. “He wants to win. He put up with it for 18 years, it's probably been difficult. Maybe he lost his cool at some point this year. But I don't think that will push him out, because I know he loves to play the game of football.”

Brown did acknowledge the ominous end of Brady’s Facebook Watch documentary, “Tom vs. Time,” in which the Patriots quarterback hinted he might be losing his conviction to play football. It was the first time Brown has heard Brady acknowledge the end of his career.

“Just listening to him speak –– he said a couple of things that I've never heard Tom Brady say before,” Brown said. “One of the things that caught my ear was the fact that he mentioned his family would play more of a role deciding when he retires. I've never heard him say that before. All before, it was, 'I'm going until I'm 45. I'm going until I'm 50.’”

Gisele Bundchen’s comments about Brady wanting to feel “appreciated” at work also contributed to the series’ cryptic conclusion. While Brown says he thinks Bundchen got those words from Brady, he reiterated his belief that Belichick’s demanding ways won’t dictate when Brady walks away from football.

“I think that's just her, because she's been wanting him to retire for a long time,” Brown explained. “And I'm sure they probably lay around and talk about those things, too, like he wants to be appreciated. But I don't think that's going to push him out of the game. I just think he's focused on winning every time he steps on the field. I don't think any coach or any player saying anything bad about him or not giving him enough credit will dictate when he leaves the game.”