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Watch Tedy Bruschi react in disgust when Stephen A. Smith talks up Chiefs and Chargers players who haven't played this season

Alex Reimer
December 13, 2018 - 6:32 pm

On “First Take” Thursday, Stephen A. Smith said three players who aren’t currently active for the Chargers and Chiefs will have an impact in tonight’s game. Tedy Bruschi reacted like somebody belched in his face.

Smith started off his diatribe about the big Thursday night contest with a reminder to keep our eyes on Chiefs running back Spencer Ware, who’s currently sidelined with a knee injury. Max Kellerman promptly corrected his partner, and Smith acted like it was an honest mistake, but his following statement makes it seem like he really has no idea who plays for either tonight.

“I’m thinking Tyreek Hill. I’m thinking about Patrick Mahomes,” Smith said in his hilarious soliloquy. “I’m also looking at the San Diego Chargers on offense and I’m thinking about Hunter Henry and the way he’s played this year and how effective he’s been. He’s going up against Derrick Johnson.”

Tight end Hunter Henry has been out since May with a torn ACL, and Derrick Johnson is no longer in the NFL. But other than that, Smith did fine.

The best part about the video is, you can tell when Bruschi and Kellerman realize Stephen A. is spouting complete nonsense. Bruschi can’t hide his apparent disgust.

Fortunately, Smith can laugh at his stupidity.

At least he didn’t tell us to look out for LaDainian Tomlinson and Jamaal Charles.