Alex Rodriguez representative says he wasn't referring to David Ortiz in reference to PED accusations in Boston

January 15, 2014 - 6:59 am

A lawyer for Alex Rodriguez denied he was referring to David Ortiz when he said in a radio interview Tuesday that he was aware of other major leaguers who have been accused of using performance-enhancing drugs and "some of them are God-like in Boston right now." Attorney Joe Tacopina later e-mailed The Boston Globe to say he was not pointing a finger at Ortiz, although he would not indicated which players he was referencing. According to a New York Times report in 2009, Ortiz tested positive for an unnamed substance during a 2003 survey test. After the report, Ortiz held a press conference in which he vehemently denied using PEDs. Ortiz and Rodriguez have long been friends. Most recently, Rodriguez attended Ortiz's charity golf tournament and auction in the Dominican Republic last month. Rodriguez was suspended last summer for 211 games by Major League Baseball for violating the league's drug policy. An arbitrator reduced the suspension to the 2014 regular season and playoffs, but Rodriguez filed a suit Monday against MLB and the MLB Players Association in an attempt to overturn the ban.