As Alex Rodriguez's lawyer rips Yankees, Yankees fire back; A-Rod: 'Business as usual for me'

August 17, 2013 - 5:34 pm

Following the Red Sox' 6-1 victory over the Yankees on Saturday afternoon, a throng of reporters huddled around Alex Rodriguez's locker to listen to the controversial superstar'€™s explanation for his latest foray into the pages of The New York Times -- this time for a claim by one of the members of his legal team that the Yankees misled the slugger about his injuries and that Major League Baseball's commissioner is out to get the veteran. Of the 22 questions he was asked, only one focused on the game. There was no shortage of discussion regarding A-Rod's latest saga. The Yankees front office and Rodriguez'€™s attorney are now embroiled in a very public battle over medical records, but Yankees manager Joe Girardi repeated that his focus remains solely on the actual games on the field. "As a manager, you have to have a relationship with your players and get the most out of them," said Girardi. "I'€™ve got to worry about this [baseball], not accusations and stuff flying all over the place. My main job is to make sure the focus stays on the field, and I will do that." In reference to the claims that the Yankees misled Rodriguez about his injuries, withholding information about the extent of the torn hip labrum that required offseason surgery in an attempt to get Rodriguez to retire, Girardi stressed that throughout his entire managerial career he always has kept the safety and health of his players as a top priority. '€œI don'€™t ever want to ruin anyone'€™s career,'€ said Girardi. '€œThat would break my heart. Sometimes I take some heat with the way I handle the bullpen, but I am not ruining anyone'€™s career. That is not who I am.'€ Rodriguez did touch on his relationship with Girardi, which has been subject to question after Rodriguez stated he should not have been playing due to his hip injury last year in the playoffs. '€œI love Joe,'€ said Rodriguez. '€œJoe and I have an amazing relationship. I have the utmost respect for Joe, and that'€™s unwavered.'€ The remainder of the postgame session with A-Rod dealt with questions regarding the accusations between Yankees team president Randy Levine and Rodriguez'€™s new attorney, Joseph Tacopina. '€œI'€™m going to defer to my lawyer to handle those matters,'€ explained a calm Rodriguez. '€œI just want to focus on this year and win this series. ... My goal is to lead this team to the postseason.'€ Added Rodriguez: '€œIt'€™s business as usual for me. I have a job to do, and that'€™s go out and play third base and do the best I can. That'€™s what I'€™m doing right now.'€