Former Patriot Jacoby Brissett sends strange tweet about outer space

Amin Touri
July 10, 2019 - 11:24 am

Former Patriots quarterback Jacoby Brissett, now with the Indianapolis Colts after being dealt for Philip Dorsett in 2017, caught some flak on Twitter on Wednesday morning after a strange tweet about outer space.

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"If the sun is hot how is outer space cold?" That was the question on Brissett's mind this week, and the replies to his tweet were largely confused reaction gifs and suggestions that the Indianapolis quarterback might be due for a random drug test as he got into a mild back-and-forth with a fan or two. The question is so obviously ridiculous that he wasn't getting a straight answer, and kept asking for the real reason in the replies.

Strange and ridiculous as Brissett's tweet was, even the Colts' official Twitter was a bit confused.