Rodney Harrison on D&K doesn't seemed concerned with Tom Brady's contract situation

Amin Touri
July 26, 2019 - 12:31 pm

As Tom Brady enters training camp on the last year of his deal and without a contract extension on the table, Bill Belichick won't address the contract situation, but soon-to-be Patriots Hall of Famer Rodney Harrison will.

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Appearing on Dale & Keefe live from Gillette Stadium with Andy Hart in for Rich Keefe, the two-time Super Bowl champ said he's not worried about his former teammate getting a deal.

"They'll take care of him," Harrison said. "I don't worry about that, if Tom really wanted one now, I think at this point it's year-to-year. They're going to take care of Tom, I know they will."

Brady, who turns 42 next week, has never entered a season without a deal in place for the following year, as his current contract sees him owed $14 million for the 2019 season.

Harrison also weighed on the Brady/Belichick debate and chose the latter as the driving force of the dynasty in New England without much hesitation.

"Somebody asked me last night, was Tom Brady more responsible or Bill Belichick, I said that's easy, that's Bill Belichick," said Harrison. "Belichick made the tough decision to get rid of Drew Bledsoe. Tom Brady, and just all the guys that he's brought in and just made this team so consistent over the years, I love that man, that's a good man."

Harrison will be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame on Monday.