Tom Brady hits back at Twitter troll questioning his speed, Madden rating

Amin Touri
July 15, 2019 - 3:16 pm

Taking shots at Tom Brady on Twitter is a notoriously bad idea, but some people never learn.

Jaguars fan Matt Harrington found that out the hard way on Monday, questioning how Brady could possibly be rated a 96 overall in the upcoming Madden 20 title — the second-highest quarterback rating behind Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes at a 97 — if Brady "can't run 2 yards."

Harrington went back and forth with the Yahoo Sports NFL account before the man himself stepped in to set him straight.

Brady was one of only a few 99 overall players in last year's edition of Madden, while no quarterbacks found their way into the "99 club" this year. Brady's speed is rated at 60, lowest of any quarterback, while his excellent throwing attributes solidify him as one of the video game's best pocket passers.

After hitting back at poor Matt, Brady tweeted at the Madden Twitter account with new evidence to consider when grading his speed...

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