Marcus Cannon’s work through illness ‘one of the top efforts’ Bill Belichick has ever seen

Andy Hart
November 25, 2019 - 7:51 am

Many Patriots played through some adversity in Sunday evening’s 13-9 win over the Cowboys, but none drew the type of praise from Bill Belichick for their efforts that Marcus Cannon did.

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The right tackle suited up and played 62 of 70 snaps against Dallas despite battling an illness. Cannon not only missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday due to the illness, but didn’t even take the Gillette Stadium field for pregame warmups.

But when the whistle blew he answered the call against a talented Dallas defensive front.

It was such a gutsy performance that the normally tight-lipped Belichick closed his postgame press conference offering up unsolicited praise for Cannon.

“I’ll just say one final thing then in closing that one of the real top efforts today would have to go to Marcus Cannon. Marcus was, three days, just feeling under-the-weather. I honestly didn’t expect him to play today,” Belichick said. “We talked before the game and he felt like he’d be able to work through it, so we tried to help him out a little bit there at the half. But, I would say overall, it was one of the top efforts I’ve seen. For a guy who just barely had enough strength to put on his uniform, went out there and played against multiple good football players. But certainly with [DeMarcus> Lawrence and [Michael> Bennett playing over there, I thought he played very, very competitively. Played tough, and is the kind of leadership and toughness that we have on this team, so that was a great job by Marcus.”

For his part, Cannon seemed to downplay the effort after the impressive win, indicating that he’d gotten a “lot of help” on the field.

“I was just doing everything they were telling me to do and following the medical staff’s guidelines and hoping that everything would work out and I could get on the field,” Cannon said of the day. “Guys play sick all the time. There were other guys that are sick.”

As for the praise from Belichick?

“I’m thankful, but there’s been guys before me and there were guys today that played when they were sick,” Cannon said.

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