Bill Belichick’s time-tested football philosophies revealed

Andy Hart
July 16, 2020 - 9:32 am

Clearly, Bill Belichick’s philosophies on building and deploying an NFL team work.

That’s been proven over multiple decades of success, including a Patriots dynasty that’s beyond compare.

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Now, thanks to NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah, we have a better idea of exactly how Belichick goes about picking personnel and building a formula for on-field success.

Revisiting information he’s shared snippets of in written form in the past, Jeremiah put together a couple videos on YouTube detailing Belichick’s beliefs. Jeremiah is a former Ravens scout, the organization that Belichick ran during the early 1990s before it moved from Cleveland to Baltimore.

Though the scouting requirements detailed in the video come from 1991, most of the information seems as accurate today as it was then.

A focus on working the middle of the field in both the running and passing games? Sounds familiar.

Having a pass-catching No. 1 tight end while leaving the blocking duties to a No. 2 or 3 option. A tweener player at the position? All have been parts of the Patriots offense in recent years.

All told Jeremiah reveals exactly what Belichick was looking for on offense and defense in 1991. In many ways it seems the information holds true today, 30 years of NFL action later.

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