Bill Belichick updates Patriots’ trade talk status

Andy Hart
October 22, 2019 - 11:31 am

Despite multiple reports from ESPN and NFL Network, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick would not confirm during his Tuesday morning conference call that his team had made a trade for veteran Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu.

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“I wouldn’t be able to confirm anything,” Belichick said. “When there is an official announcement to be made, if there is one to be made, we’ll make it. But I would just say in general any time there is a transaction for a player there are always a number of steps that have to be completed. At whatever point in time we have a transaction to announce we’ll announce it.”

The Sanu deal would obviously involve the Patriots creating both a roster spot and cap space for the versatile veteran target.

A follow-up question wondered how active the Patriots are being in general heading toward the Oct. 29 trade deadline.

Belichick responded by explaining the complicated process that is the trade market as team’s jockey for talent and to upgrade their respective rosters.

“That’s really an impossible question to answer,” Belichick began. “Each year is different. Each situation is different. Sometimes teams call us and, you know, they ask about if we would have an interest in a certain situation. Sometimes it’s kind of a mutual conversation. Sometimes we might call a team and ask if a certain, if they would want to talk about a particular situation. So it really depends on how it goes, what the relationship is with the team. Sometimes there are previous conversations from training camp or in the offseason or at a different point in time that get followed up on by one side or the other. So, it’s an exchange between two teams that are trying to improve and trying to find fair value for it. So it’s not the easiest thing to do. It’s not like going to the store and picking out an item and paying for it. That’s not what a trade is. It represents something different than that. Like I said, each situation, each transaction is different.”

Beyond the reported Sanu deal, there have been other reports that New England has also inquired about Tampa Bay tight end O.J. Howard as well as Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

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