Bill Belichick: ‘We all need to improve’

Andy Hart
November 04, 2019 - 12:35 pm

Immediately following Sunday night’s disappointing 37-20 loss to the Ravens in Baltimore, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick got his first chance this season to pull out his usual post-loss response to the media that, “we just have to coach better and play better.”

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In his weekly Monday morning day-after-game conference call with the local media, after watching the film of the defeat at the hands of Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, Belichick remained as equally vague and general in regards to breaking down what happened to his previously undefeated team.

While outsiders may be analyzing issues with New England’s run defense, offensive line or passing game consistency, a seemingly somewhat irritable Belichick simply looked at the losing effort as a full-squad, group failure.

“It was a combination of things. They’re a good running team,” Belichick responded to a question regarding a run defense that gave up 200 yards on the ground. “We gotta coach better. We gotta play better. Just have to do a better job all the way around. So it was a little bit of everything.

“We had our moments. But in the end they did more than we did. We just have to do a better job. It’s not any one thing or any one play or player or scheme or anything. We have to coach better and play better.”

A question later in the conference call revolving around the play of the offensive line – a unit that allowed two sacks and 10 QB hits on Tom Brady – had Belichick reiterating his original generalized critique of his team.

“I think I’ve covered this, but all the way across the board in all three phases of the game – offense, defense, special teams – certainly the coaching and the playing and fundamentals all could be and need to be better. So that goes for every position, every player, every coach. We just have to do a better job. I don’t know how else to put that, except that’s the truth,” Belichick said.

So everyone is lumped into one group?

“Because that’s the way it is. It’s not about rating what did or didn’t happen, it’s about correcting the mistakes and improving on them and there is a lot of room for all of us to do that,” Belichick concluded. “That’s what we’ll focus on. Every player. Every unit. Every coach. When you look at it collectively there are things we could have done better in every area that would have helped us. We all need to address those and we all need to improve on them.”

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