Come on NFL, it's time to postpone free agency

Andy Hart
March 13, 2020 - 11:41 am

(The following is an excerpt from the "Fast Friday 5: Feeling helpless regarding the coronavirus" column. To read the entire column, click here.)

Come on NFL, smarten up and postpone free agency!

The NBA really got the ball rolling -- thanks in part to Rudy Gobert’s now-admitted immature, “careless” ignorance -- on cancellations in the world of sports.

March Madness is just the most notable of all the NCAA sports that are wiped out.

MLB, the NHL and even, after a while, the fledgling XFL shut things down. The PGA finally relented.

But the NFL, despite canceling its upcoming owners' meetings in Florida and many teams pulling coaches/scouts from the road, seemingly plans to proceed with the opening of the new league year and free agency in less than a week on March 18.

It’s a terrible idea on so many levels.

Some have referenced the thought that in the sports vacuum created by all the pro and college cancellations the NFL offseason, free agency and the draft, will dominate the headlines and the sports world chatter.

That’s true, but that doesn’t mean it will be a good thing or that it even should.

First, should the league really have free agents traveling and making visits to team headquarters, some of which have already basically shut down operations on some level? Should teams be left to individual decisions on how to handle such situations in a competitive world?

The answer is a clear no.

Secondarily, is it really a good look for the NFL, its teams and its players to be living the high life of free agency while the rest of the country is borderline shutdown, worrying more about toilet paper than Tom Brady?

Does the ultra-rich Brady want his new contract flaunted in the headlines right beside coronavirus outbreak numbers, reports of death and chaos?

One would hope not.

The NFL going on with free agency business as usual is a bad idea, a bad decision and a horrific look.

Clearly, it would not be ideal for the league, its teams and its players to delay the opening of the 2020 league year and free agency.

But we no longer live in an ideal world. Not right now anyway.

Here’s guessing (hoping?) that the NFL will come to its senses before Brady Watch 2020 takes off next Wednesday afternoon.