Devin McCourty tells NFL: ‘I got too many kids’ to be fined

Andy Hart
September 15, 2019 - 6:50 pm

Patriots captain Devin McCourty was flagged 15-yards for “lowering the head to initiate contact” at the conclusion of a Josh Rosen-to-Allen Hurns completion in the fourth quarter of New England’s blowout win Sunday afternoon in Miami.

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While the veteran safety actually came around on the field to agree with the flag, he did have a message for the league after the game regarding the play.

“I was mad and then I told him it was actually a pretty good call once I saw the replay,” McCourty said. “Hopefully the NFL doesn’t fine me. I don’t think it was fine-worthy. I got too many kids for that.”

The line was delivered with at least some humor, but kidding aside the safety says he’ll review the film of the play in an effort to ensure he doesn’t get similar flags down the road.

“Just try to use my shoulder,” McCourty said describing the play over the middle of the field after the 13-yard completion. “Trying to hit a guy where he’s caught it, trying to detach the ball from his body. But it always comes down to fundamentals. I’ll watch it and probably see I could have went with my shoulder, keep my head up a little bit more. But I’ll see when I kind of really watch it.”

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