Even OL prospects at the NFL Combine like Tom Brady

Andy Hart
February 26, 2020 - 2:31 pm

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s rather common for prospects at the NFL Scouting Combine to be asked about the teams they rooted for growing up or favorite players.

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Usually responses include the franchise closest to where they grew up or a current star at their own position.

But Ohio State guard Jonah Jackson, a native of Pennsylvania, took the question in a different direction.

“I’m a local Philly guy but I always had called myself a little bit of a bandwagon (fan),” Jackson admitted. “I liked Tom Brady here and there and I also like Coach [Andy] Reid down in Kansas City. But at this point, hey, I like whoever.”

Rated by some as a possible second- or third-round pick, the 6-4, 310-pound Jackson played most of his college career at Rutgers before joining the Buckeyes as a graduate transfer last fall.

How does a man in the middle of the dirty work in the trenches take a liking to a quarterback from a rival market?

“He’s just a winner. That’s what we all want to do. You want to win. That’s what that man does,” Jackson explained.

With the Patriots potentially in need of interior line help with Joe Thuney and Ted Karras set to hit free agency, what would Jackson think working in front of Brady, assuming the later were to re-sign with New England?

“Yeah, that’d be pretty cool. Blocking for anybody would be pretty cool but Tom Brady would be pretty awesome,” Jackson said with a smile.

Jackson certainly has a resume that might appeal to the Patriots, including experience at both guard and center. He said he had a “brief meeting” with a Patriots scout at the Senior Bowl.

“Teams have talked about both positions but hey, wherever they need me I’m ready to go. If they need me at quarterback, tackle, I’ll play whatever,” Jackson emphasized. “Yeah, everybody’s talked about just being versatile, being able to play center, being able to play guard. That adds a plus to your draft so definitely told them I was able to play both positions and I’m ready to go wherever they need me.

“I’m comfortable in all of them. During my offseason training I’ve been working all three positions. I can go wherever right away and start.”

And if that “wherever” happened to be in Foxborough in front of Brady it might indeed be “pretty awesome.”

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