Josh McDaniels won’t comment on ‘frustrated’ Tom Brady’s ‘frame of mind’

Andy Hart
November 19, 2019 - 11:30 am

Despite New England’s 9-1 record, much has been made of Tom Brady’s comments, tone and energy level following Sunday evening’s 17-10 win over the Eagles in Philadelphia.

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It was a topic in his Philly postgame press conference. It was a topic in his usual Monday morning visit with the Greg Hill Show on WEEI. It was a topic in his weekly Westwood One radio chat with Jim Gray leading up to Monday Night Football.

So, it’s no surprise that Brady’s frustration, emotions and “frame of mind” were brought up Tuesday morning when reporters did their weekly conference call with Josh McDaniels, New England’s longtime offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

“I can’t comment exactly on his frame of mind,” McDaniels said. “I just know that he’s a competitive guy. We have a lot of competitive guys on our team. And we all want to do our best. We have one goal when we go out there on the field every time we have the ball on offense, and that’s to score. So, when you don’t do as well as you’d like to do you can understand that there are personally or collectively as a unit you are frustrated with your output. But at the same time understanding in the big picture our No. 1 goal, and the most important thing for all of us, is to contribute to wins.

“I think there were many things the other day that we did that helped contribute to that. And there were certainly things that we did that we want to do better going forward. I’ve been with Tom a long time and I appreciate his competitive spirit, his desire to be perfect in everything he does and with everything that our unit does. I think that’s a, I don’t ever take that as a negative. I understand he wants to go out there and do what we all do, which is to put a lot of points on the board every week. So I talk to him frequently. You know, we’ve had games where we’ve scored 40 points and haven’t been real happy either because there are certain things we didn’t do as well. So, our goal right now is to keep getting better and to try to improve. Look, my responsibility, this is my responsibility and I certainly want to look at what I’m doing first and try to figure out what I can do better to try to put our players in position to be successful each week. That’s what my job is and I’m going to do the best I can at doing that. And I know our guys have a great attitude and approach each week and we continue to try to work hard in practice to improve to eventually play our best football, which we haven’t played yet. So there are a lot of things we can do better and like I said, I’m going to start with myself and figure out what I can do to make a positive difference for us as we move forward in a lot of areas offensively that we can improve and be better in.”

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