Michael Irvin clarifies thoughts on Tom Brady to the Cowboys

Andy Hart
February 10, 2020 - 6:47 pm

NFL Network analyst and Cowboys Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin created a bit of an uproar across the NFL late last week in an interview with Dale & Keefe on WEEI in which he relayed that he had conversations with “significant people” at the Super Bowl regarding the idea that Tom Brady could sign as a free agent in Dallas.

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After his comments took off online and on social media, Irvin took to Twitter to say that the “significant people” did not include Cowboys owner Jerry Jones or anyone in the organization, but the man known as The Playmaker did later tweet that, “The people I am talking about will have a role in the whole process.”


On Monday, Irvin did an interview with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and was given a chance to “clarify” his comments even further.

“First of all, I didn’t clarify anything. I don’t have to. What I said was what I said,” Irvin said. “I said I talked to significant people…people that are in the know on these kinds of situations. Now, I didn’t say I talked to Jerry. So what I don’t like is when, I said exactly like I did and then people come out saying in the article, ‘Well, Michael talked to people in the Cowboys organization.’ I never said I talked to anybody in the Cowboys organization. So when the article comes back out, ‘Michael’s walking back…’ I’m not walking back anything, you guys wrote wrong. So don’t put it on me like I did something wrong when you didn’t do your work, and not talking about you guys in particular, I’m talking about the people that wrote these articles as if I had a conversation with Jerry Jones or something like that about it. And I never said that. So that’s all interesting there. But those conversations I’m talking about that I had, I really had. I was as shocked as anybody else is as shocked to hear about a possibility of that possibly happening blew my mind also. That’s why I kind of tried to express that to people when I said I enjoy vodka cranberry, I had to put down that vodka cranberry and say wait a minute let’s have some more conversations about this. Like I need to know if this is really a possibility, which I don’t think it’s a possibility. But I did have conversations with people about it.”

There you have it. Irvin maintains that he indeed had conversations in Miami at the Super Bowl with “significant people” regarding the idea that the Cowboys could be a player for Brady in free agency, a move that would likely coincide with the team using a franchise tag on current QB Dak Prescott with an eye on trading him.

That would be quite a story. In some ways, the way Irvin’s comments have played the last few days, it already is.

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