Patriots WR Gunner Olszewski suffered broken nose vs. Steelers

Andy Hart
September 09, 2019 - 7:41 pm

In a short period of time in New England, undrafted rookie wide receiver and special teamer Gunner Olszewski has already shown he’s not afraid to throw his body around.

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That’s certainly true on punt returns, when he’s prone to fly through the air to gain a few extra yards upon contact.

But in Sunday night’s win over the Steelers it was work covering kicks that left the rookie with a visible memory of his first NFL action. Olszewski suffered a broken nose thanks to forearm through the facemask from Pittsburgh returner Ryan Switzer.

Talking to the media in the Gillette Stadium locker room Monday afternoon, Olszewski had a bit of discoloration across the bridge of his nose but was otherwise no worse for the wear. And he displayed a smile when talking about his first career game.

“I busted up my nose pretty good. I missed Switzer back there and his forearm or something got in my helmet and broke my nose. It’s all right. Little bump,” Olszewski said.

The rookie also took a few big hits on his punt return work, where he averaged 17.5 yards per return with a long of 20. He certainly looked fearless in his first time in the role in a regular season NFL game, lacking that self-preservation gene that might hinder production.

“I think you don’t have that,” Olszewski said. “Especially when the guys who’ve done it before me, like I mean Julian [Edelman] has obviously done it, and he’s one of the tougher guys I’ve ever met. I think if I were to lay down or step out of bounds or something he’d probably be the first one to jump on me about it and tell me to get as many yards as I can.”

And that propensity to end up going airborne on the end of his returns, including back in the preseason?

“You just have to hold onto the ball. If you go in the air the only thing that matters is that ball,” Olszewski said. “You have to hold onto that. The way guys tackle now, everybody hits low to avoid helmet-to-helmet. So I think just leaping over somebody and getting an extra 2 yards is kind of the move.”

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