Patriots players considering life without fans

Andy Hart
May 19, 2020 - 2:09 pm

The WWE, PGA, UFC and NASCAR have already gotten the ball rolling.

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Soon, if we’re lucky, the NBA, NHL and MLB will continue the trend.

The coronavirus reality is that for the foreseeable future, professional sports will likely compete without fans in attendance.

That’s potentially true for the NFL, even with its football games still months away.

Tuesday, on a WebEx call with the New England media, Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones acknowledged that players have thought about the possibility of playing football in empty stadiums this coming fall.

“It definitely would be a little bit different,” Jones said of life without fans. “I think that’s a bridge we have to cross when we get there. But, it would different but it’s possible. NASCAR has kind of started the trend with it now, they were the first to give it a try.

“So it’s definitely possible. It’d be something we’d just have to learn to adapt to.”

The Patriots first preseason game is currently scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 13 at Gillette Stadium. New England’s first regular season game is set for Sunday, Sept. 13 at Gillette.

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