Ben Cherington on David Ortiz talks: 'Our hope certainly is that he finishes his career in a Red Sox uniform'

December 13, 2013 - 11:18 am

On the day that David Ortiz said that his agent is talking with the Red Sox about the possibility of a contract extension, GM Ben Cherington (during a conference call to discuss the re-signing of first baseman Mike Napoli) didn't want to discuss specifics of the team's negotiations with the designated hitter, but he did allow that his hope is that if the 38-year-old plays beyond 2014, that he remains with the organization for whom he's been a lineup centerpiece for the last 11 seasons. "As a policy we prefer not to talk about our conversations directly with players and private conversations with players," said Cherington. "What I can say is that we have incredible respect for David and as I'€™ve said before and I'€™ll reiterate our hope certainly is that he finishes his career in a Red Sox uniform. So at some point there will be a conversation about that. I don'€™t know when that will be. It'€™s early December and there are still things we'€™re looking to do this offseason, working on different ways to improve the team. The door will always be open to David and I'€™m sure at the appropriate time there will be an appropriate time to have the conversation and I hope he'€™s in a Red Sox uniform the rest of his career."

Cherington certainly did not rule out the possibility of talking with Ortiz about an extension before the expiration of his current two-year, $26 million contract (with incentives that increased the value of the deal to $30 million).

"The door is always open if David wants to have a conversation," said Cherington, "but I'€™m not going to get into the specifics of anything. Our expectation is that at some point at the appropriate time, we'€™ll talk about ways to keep him in a Red Sox uniform, but that'€™s all I am going to say about it right now."