Ben Cherington: Red Sox 'have to be honest with ourselves,' but not at point of looking beyond 2014

July 08, 2014 - 3:05 pm
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington, in an appearance on NESN's "Red Sox Gameday Live" pregame show, said that the Red Sox may reach a point, if they can't start trimming into their 10-game deficit in the AL East, at which they would look to trade assets in an effort to bolster their chances for 2015. However, Cherington also said that if the Sox reach a point where they are forced to deal away assets for 2014 -- something that the GM said the team has not yet decided to do -- it would be with an eye towards putting the team in better position to contend in 2015, rather than a more distant future. "If we can'€™t close that gap, we have to be honest with ourselves," Cherington said on NESN. "At some point we may need to be realistic and focus on helping the 2015 team. We are not at that point yet. ... We will never be a true 'seller' looking for the future. For us it would be about reloading for the very next year." Manager John Farrell said that the Sox' lineup on a nightly basis is written with finding a way to win, rather than longer-term player development goals. "No one has turned the page on this situation we're in right now," said Farrell.