Ben Cherington

Ben Cherington: Red Sox in position to build 'good rotation...that can contend for the AL East'

December 03, 2014 - 11:21 am

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington, in an interview on SiriusXM's MLB Network Radio, said that the Red Sox remain unsure of the means by which they'll round out their 2015 rotation, but the team is confident in its ultimate ability to put together a group that will have aspirations to win the division next year. "I wouldn't rule out adding two starters. We don't know what the names are. We don't know where they'll come from. We don't know the cost associated with it," Cherington told MLB Network Radio. "We're in a position to be active in the market for pitchers. ... Everyone's got a budget, including us. There is some limit at some point to what you can do. We feel good we're in a position, whether it's talent or whether it's the financial resources, to build a rotation that's a good rotation and that, along with the rest of the team, can contend for the AL East next year." One asset that the Sox have to use in trying to address their rotation is their outfield surplus. Cherington echoed remarks he made at the press conference introducing Hanley Ramirez as the team's new left fielder in suggesting that the team does face an increasing likelihood of dealing from its positional depth. "The Hanley signing does increase the likelihood of us making a trade. It doesn't guarantee it but it does increase the likelihood, and sure enough we've had a lot of calls on the outfielders since then," Cherington told the radio network. "We'll see what happens in the trade market over the next couple weeks. ... We felt like the signing of Hanley put us in a better position not just to address our needs this offseason but to ensure the lineup in the short- and the long-term and to give us the best chance to make sure we have a high quailty defender in both center and right in the short- and long-term." While the Red Sox are reportedly not one of the finalists for the services of Andrew Miller, Cherington said he was unaware of that outcome. Still, the GM seemed anything but shocked by the possibility that the left-handed reliever may end up going elsewhere. "I don't know anything officially. I know Andrew's put himself in a great position in free agency," Cherington told MLB Network Radio. "We're happy for him, because we saw him go from a guy trying to find himself to really flourishing in a role. He's a great guy. I don't know. That decision's in his hands, not ours. I don't know where it is, exactly where he's heading. But we know that we're happy for him and he's worked really hard to put himself in this position. Unfortunately, because of the season we had, we were in a position where we traded him. We're really happy with the guy we got back for him in the trade, Eduardo Rodriguez. One way or another, hopefully it will work out well for everyone."