Ben Cherington on Red Sox' rotation outlook: 'We'll be able to put together a good pitching staff'

December 10, 2014 - 12:24 pm

SAN DIEGO -- Ben Cherington's 30-minute media session at the winter meetings on Wednesday morning served two purposes. The Red Sox GM both articulated his view of the negotiations that took place between his team and Jon Lester (both about an extension in spring training and a free agent contract after the season) and offered his view of where things stand in the team's quest to address the ill-defined shape of its rotation. As much as the team was disappointed not to be able to retain Lester, Cherington expressed optimism that the team will be able to round out its rotation in a way that will produce a contending team for 2015. "We're going to add pitching. It's not a matter of desperation. It's a matter of when and how. I don't know if it's tomorrow or next week or January. We will add pitching, and there's still a lot out there," said Cherington. "Red Sox fans want a winning team. They deserve a winning team. And that's our aim: To provide that. We feel confident we will. There's a lot of different ways to do that. We've got a great talent base already. We're going to be able to add to it. I think when there's connection to a player, in this case, he wasn't with us at the end of the year but there's still that connection and now we're in free agency. We understand that that can be difficult to fans who have a connection. Ultimately, we're confident we're going to put a really good team on the field and it's going to be a team that our fans like watching and it's going to win games. There's going to be a connection to some other player. Those connections will grow in time. ... "We're going to add pitching," he added. "We still don't know when that will happen, what the names will be. We're going to add pitching. We've been working on it all offseason. We're closer to it than we were in October and closer to it than we were last week, but we're also not announcing anything today. So, we'll see where it all lands. But there's a lot of options out there still, good pitching out there. And we're in a great position with the base of talent we have, the resources we have, that we'll be able to put together a good pitching staff." Some other comments by Cherington on the pitching market: -- With Cole Hamels looming as a potential trade candidate, but in possession of the right to veto a trade to the Red Sox after naming them as one of the 20 clubs for which he has no-trade protection, Cherington was asked whether he'd want to deal for a player who used such a clause to restrict the chances of being dealt to the Red Sox. "There's a lot of possibilities out there. If there are guys that are less interested in being in Boston, then they are. But there are a lot of guys that do want to be in Boston," said Cherington. "So that's just part of the process, working through that. I don't want to comment specifically on any one player, but that would still be our criteria. We want people who want to be here." -- Cherington suggested that the Sox were willing to pay the necessary price in money or players to acquire rotation solutions. "We went into the offseason knowing that in order to add to the rotation in the way we want to, it's going to cost something. That will either come in the form of money or talent or sometimes both. It's just a matter of finding the deals that make sense," said Cherington. "We're willing to give up something to add to the rotation. We expect we'll have to. It's not that. It's just, how do we put together the best team for 2015? We are committed to winning in 2015. How do we do that without sort of fundamentally hurting the long term? That's the work we're doing. We feel good. We'll be able to build a pitching staff and build a team that can win and that will have the blocks necessary to win for a long time."