Ben Watson on D&C 9/25

September 25, 2009 - 9:48 am

Patriots tight end Ben Watson joined Dickerson and Butch on "Patriots Friday." Click here for the full interview, and read below for the highlights. Lester or Beckett in Game One? Hey, I don'€™t make that decision! But if Lester couldn'€™t perform, he wouldn'€™t be there. It'€™s the same way here. Are our expectations for the Patriot offense too high? No, your expectations weren'€™t too high. We expected to go out there and score a lot of points, that'€™s why we'€™re out there. Obviously we haven'€™t done that. So I guess the good news is that we can get better. And we'€™re definitely working on that, scoring points in the red zone. Just scoring points period. As an offense you want to put six points on the board and not settle for field goals. What do you chalk up the struggles in the red zone to? I think they'€™re some of the struggles we'€™ve had all over the field. We'€™ve gotten in the red zone, but sometimes we haven'€™t. Sometimes there have been plays were there are one or two guys missing something here or there, a certain read wasn'€™t right, it seems like there is always something that is holding us back that we inflict on ourselves. It'€™s just a matter of cleaning that stuff up and going out and executing. Ben, what'€™s your take on Tom Brady'€™s early season struggles? Just like when we'€™re scoring 40 points a game, you can'€™t say it'€™s Tom Brady scoring 40 points a game, the same way when we'€™re not, you can'€™t say it'€™s Tom Brady not. It really is the quintessential team game. It'€™s not just Tom, it'€™s not just me, it'€™s not just the O-line, the receivers, the coaches, it'€™s everybody. We'€™re all in this together, and we need to work together in order to be successful. We don'€™t look at it like '€œTom Brady'€™s'€ struggles or anybody else'€™s struggles; it'€™s the Patriots offense struggling to put points on the board. How does the offensive line play improve this week against the Falcons? They definitely don'€™t bring the amount of blitzers and blitzes, but they do have some good pass rushers. With Abraham Anderson, Babineaux on the inside, they don'€™t bring a lot of different pressures, but their front guys can definitely rush the passer. They definitely know how to get to the quarterback. It'€™ll obviously be a different type of rush to prepare for, where it won'€™t be guys coming from every different direction, but we'€™ll still have to be stout up front. Do you not expect the Falcons to do what the Jets did last week? The thing is, you only have a week to prepare for things. Seeing that the Jets had some success, I would imagine that the Falcons may try to do some similar things, but they'€™re not gonna change their whole defense. Teams pretty much are what they are and a lot of that has to do with the fact that they have three days to prepare for a team and if something was successful, you may try do some of those things, but you can'€™t change your whole team, your whole personnel, your whole defensive philosophy based on what someone else did. We may see some things, here and there, that the Jets do, but they won'€™t be an exact duplicate of the Jets. Is this a game, against the Falcons, that opens up more opportunities for the tight end? Last week, there were a lot of blitzes, a lot of times we had to protect; this week they don'€™t do that as much so hopefully we'€™ll be able to get out into the secondary a little more. What do you take, as a fellow tight end, from watching Tony Gonzalez? Everything. In the team meetings, coach Belichick will show some offensive clips for us, and then he'€™ll show their offense, for the defense. It'€™s always a joy whenever we play Atlanta now or Kansas City when he was there, to be able to watch him and the way he gets open and catches the ball. He'€™s the best tight end of our generation, bar none, and he'€™s been doing it at such a high level for so long. I actually met him a couple of years ago. As a fan, being able to meet him was an honor. He carries himself, off the field, with a lot dignity. I watched him a lot, learned a lot from his professionalism and the way he plays the game. You didn'€™t have Wes Welker last Sunday, whether you have him or not on Sunday how does that affect what you guys are trying to do? We are playing the Falcons this week, I don'€™t know if Wes will play or not, but as you know Wes is a game changer. He'€™s got a knack for getting open and doing a lot of things right. But the same way you can'€™t blame one guy for offensive struggles, you can'€™t pin one guy on winning or losing the game. If he'€™s not there then we'€™ll move on and play. We hope to have him because he'€™s a good player but the train doesn'€™t stop, we gotta keep going.