Boston University begins inquiry into allegations of emotional abuse by women's basketball coach Kelly Greenberg

March 20, 2014 - 5:07 am

Boston University announced on Wednesday that it has formed a three-person panel to look into allegations of bullying against women'€™s basketball coach Kelly Greenberg. The decision comes after The Boston Globe reported that eight of Greenberg'€™s former players have now come forward with complaints that the coach mistreated them. "We take these allegations very seriously, and we will look into them promptly, thoroughly and in an unbiased manner," said Todd Klipp, the BU senior vice president, senior counsel and Board of Trustees secretary. Elizabeth Loizeaux, an associate provost for undergraduate affairs, Sara Brown, a clincical associate professor at the university and a director of the school'€™s athletic training program, and Lawrence Elswit, BU'€™s associate general counsel, comprise the three-person panel. "I have met with them and they have begun their work," Klipp said. "It is my hope that they will complete their inquiry within the next few weeks." In a front-page story, the Globe reported on March 7 that four players left the 2013-14 women'€™s basketball team. All of those players were on athletic scholarships. Of the four, one said that she sought mental care because of Greenberg'€™s bullying, another stated that she "felt demolished as a person" and a third said she considered suicide. The final player told the Globe that her "spirit was broken." Since that first article, two more players have come to the surface with allegations of emotional abuse and mistreatment. Greenberg also came up against similar allegations from two players during the 2007-08 season. Current and former members of the women'€™s basketball team have shown support for Greenberg in the days following the allegations, as roughly 30 people gathered outside of Agganis Arena on March 8 with signs showing support for the coach. Those affiliated with the program have also created a website filled with stories showing appreciation for Greenberg. According to the Globe, Greenberg, who just finished her 10th season with the Terriers and signed a contract extension through the 2017 season last fall,  has hired a lawyer to defend her.