Canucks' Cory Schneider on MM: Bruins 'a tough matchup' in Stanley Cup finals

May 30, 2011 - 9:00 am

Former Boston College standout and current Canucks goaltender Cory Schneider joined the Mut & Merloni show Monday morning to talk about the upcoming Stanley Cup finals. To hear the interview, go to the Mut & Merloni audio on demand page. Schneider said that although the Canucks didn'€™t learn all that much about the Bruins from their 3-1 loss in February, what he'€™s noticed most from watching the playoffs is Boston'€™s depth. '€œThey have three deep lines, and offensively even their fourth line is effective in what they do,'€ Schneider said. '€œOn any given night for them a different guy can step up and be the difference.'€ Schneider also said the Canucks would need to keep track of Milan Lucic and Patrice Bergeron in particular. He called Lucic a '€œbig guy who can disrupt a lot of plays and go to the net and create problems.'€ He compared Bergeron with Vancouver's Ryan Kesler: a multi-talented player who contributes on offense, defense, faceoffs and special teams. '€œHe [Bergeron] can really burn you if you'€™re not paying attention,'€ Schneider said. Schneider also complimented Zdeno Chara'€™s defense, calling him a '€œNo. 1 guy'€. '€œHe'€™s got such a long reach that it doesn'€™t matter who you put out against him, he'€™s going to try and find a way to shut them down,'€ Schneider said. He added that the Canucks'€™ Swedish twins, Daniel and Henrik Sedin, might be able to beat Chara. '€œYou probably haven'€™t seen anything like them when they'€™re playing down low,'€ Schneider said. '€œThey'€™re cycling the puck and they make these soft passes to each other, you have no idea how they made it. It'€™s pretty incredible to watch. That will be a great matchup.'€ Schneider said he didn'€™t think the Bruins had a defensive advantage, despite Chara'€™s talents. '€œOne thing people don'€™t realize is we also finished No. 1 in the league in defense,'€ Schneider said. '€œWe allowed the fewest goals in the league as well. We have a great group of defense who are pretty mobile and can move with the puck.'€ Watching the Bruins-Lightning series, Schneider said the Lightning are built similar to the Canucks '€“ strong special teams and speedy forwards. He said the Bruins resemble the Predators with their strong defense and reliance on their goaltender. Of the Bruins, Schneider said, '€œI think they have more offense.'€