Cardinals minor leaguer questions if Jon Lester used illegal substance

October 24, 2013 - 6:08 am

During the Red Sox' Game 1 win over the Cardinals on Wednesday night, there was some discoloration on the inside of Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester's glove. One video clip shows Lester touching the greenish/yellowish area with the tips of two fingers as he gets ready to throw a pitch. That was enough for Cardinals minor league pitcher Tyler Melling to tweet out his concern: Jon Lester using a little Vaseline inside the glove tonight?

This isn't the first time the Cardinals have been in involved in a controversy regarding an opposing pitcher in the World Series. In 2006, Tigers hurler Kenny Rogers was accused by members of the Cardinals organization of using pine tar and scuffing baseballs after a substance was spotted on his pitching hand in Detroit's 3-1 victory in Game 2. The umpiring crew determined the substance was dirt.