Who wants the Green Jacket?

Chris Price
April 09, 2009 - 8:46 am

Compiled by Drew Scott The Masters kicked off today, with Arnold Palmer hitting a ceremonial drive to start the proceedings. As much drama as their often is at Augusta National, you have to admit some of the advertising spots that ESPN puts together to build the hype are a little ridiculous. Are you feeling that maybe you are a little bit too excited about the Masters? Well, maybe the theme music will settle you down a little bit '€¦ or put you to sleep: The PGA universe seems to have returned to its natural order, as all of the talk leading up to the Masters circles around Tiger Woods. Some even hypothesize Woods could help turn the economy around. Since we know that you can'€™t wait until 1:52 PM to watch Tiger tee off. Let'€™s take a look back at some of his most memorable shots at Augusta: Number 5 Somehow even when Tiger breaks a club, his shot still looks better than any ball I'€™ve ever hit. Number 4 The putt, the fist pump, it'€™s all there as Tiger wins the 2005 Masters. Number 3 Apparently Tiger helped the grounds crew at Augusta deal with a small gopher problem '€¦ well, sort of. (Which reminds me, I think any golf-related blog post should be required to have a link to Bill Murray'€™s '€œCinderella story'€ scene from "Caddyshack.") Number 2 This doesn'€™t really constitute a great shot, but I do think it is effective in making anyone who plays golf realize how far off their game is from Tiger'€™s. Number 1 Words cannot describe this shot. When the ball sits at the lip of the hole, it almost looks like the Earth starts spinning a little faster so that Tiger can earn himself a green jacket.