The worst Super Bowl bet ever

Chris Price
January 25, 2009 - 6:11 pm

Before a big game, the bet between the two opposing mayors is usually the best excuse for news guys to leech on to a big sports story. It also usually involves ridiculous local foodstuffs that only appeal to the people in those regions of the country. ("I'll bet you a stack of Primanti Sandwiches against a metric ton of Scrapple!" "You're on!") But the Super Bowl XLIII wager sets a new standard in the weak department. According to this report, if Arizona wins, a cactus has to be planted outside of Heinz Field. If Pittsburgh wins, a tree native to Pennsylvania '€” such as a dogwood, elderberry or red oak '€” will be planted outside of University of Phoenix Stadium. You ever been to Heinz Field? Hung out with Pittsburgh fans? That cactus is gonna be ripped up about 30 minutes into the first preseason tailgate next August by this guy. And I don't know much about the desert (Most of what I learned about life in the desert came from these guys), but 110-degree temperatures can't be good for dogwood trees.