Colts talk about Deflategate: 'We don't have to deal with it anymore'

May 14, 2015 - 3:00 am

[caption id="attachment_92594" align="alignright" width="350"]Colts defensive back Mike Adams said Wednesday that Deflategate is behind the Colts. (Jason Miller/Getty Images) Colts defensive back Mike Adams said Wednesday that Deflategate is behind the Colts. (Jason Miller/Getty Images)[/caption] On Wednesday, the Colts were mostly mum when asked for a response regarding the fallout from Deflategate and the four-game suspension of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Indianapolis reportedly blew the whistle on New England regarding the under-inflated footballs prior to last year's AFC title game. And while Colts coach Chuck Pagano briefly talked about it at the start of a recent offseason workout program, on Wednesday, there were only a few players willing to talk about what happened and the Colts' role in the events, as well as the punishment handed down to Brady. "Nothing in the (Wells) Report necessarily surprised me," said Indy backup quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who is from New England and is a Boston College product. "It's a stiff punishment. It's stiff." "It's over," safety Mike Adams told reporters. "We don't have to deal with it anymore. (The Patriots) have to deal with it. I'm more worried that we got our asses beat than deflated footballs." "We focus on what happened on the field," tight end Dwayne Allen said when he spoke with the media. "We care about the simple fact that they were able to go out there and manhandle us. And they have been for the last three years. We have to grow and become tougher." Allen finds himself in a delicate situation. As a member of the Colts, he is focused on his team, and finding a way to beat New England, regardless of who is under center for the Patriots. As the player rep, he also understands that, in a roundabout way, he can serve as an advocate for another player like Brady who might have been wronged by the commissioners' office. "I had no idea what judgment was going to come down," Allen said when asked about Brady's ban. "As an NFL player rep for my team, we have guys that are going to help him through the appeal process and, again, whatever is just will be just." But that was pretty much as far as Indy players would go when it came to commenting on the situation. "That team's a great team, a great organization," said cornerback Darius Butler, who entered the league as New England's second-round draft pick in 2009 before joining the Colts prior to the 2012 season. "Obviously Brady's one of the all-time best quarterbacks. I've been a part of that organization personally. I can't question their integrity or anything like that."