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Why Brock Holt is so important to Red Sox clubhouse

Connor Donahue
August 23, 2018 - 12:34 pm


Every good team needs a good locker room, and every good locker room requires good locker room guys.

Enter Brock Holt.

The Red Sox platoon man is in his sixth season with the Sox, and as manager Alex Cora explained before Thursday’s game, the 30-year-old plays a big part in keeping the clubhouse loose.

“First of all [Holt] is a good player, he can play multiple positions and he relates with everybody,” Cora explained. “He’s a bridge guy like I was in 2007 and 2008. People felt I was a bridge guy between cultures, and Mikey Lowell was the same thing. With [Holt] the only difference is he’s not bilingual, but he relates with everybody. You can see him having a conversation with J.D., whose another bridge guy because of his culture and being bilingual. But you can see [Holt] having the same conversation with J.D. that he would have with Devers, which is great. It's cool.”

Cora, who played for six teams during his 13-year MLB career, explained he sees a lot of himself in Holt and the way he acts in the clubhouse.

“We have a good relationship, but he’s actually a lot better than I was as a player,” Cora said. “At the same time he respects me because I was that guy with the teams I played for. He understands that I know what that role is all about.”

With the injury to Dustin Pedroia and DL stints for guys like Rafael Devers, Holt has been sharing playing time with fellow utility man Eduardo Nunez. Cora explains that the two have no problem sharing the duties of the infield.

“Him and Eduardo, they’ve been pros about it,” Cora said. “It’s fun because they pull for each other and that doesn’t happen too often. It’s genuine, sometimes you’re pulling for the other guy but it’s not genuine. With those two, they really push hard for one another and they help each other and they’re very happy with their performance.”