Curt Schilling on D&C: Playing Jonny Gomes over Daniel Nava doesn’t make sense

October 30, 2013 - 7:15 am

ESPN'€™s Curt Schilling joined Dennis & Callahan on Wednesday and voiced his opinion on some of Red Sox manager John Farrell'€™s decisions this World Series, and he tried to explain why St. Louis pitched to David Ortiz in Game 5. Farrell announced on Tuesday that, with the return of Shane Victorino to right field, Jonny Gomes would receive the start in left field over Daniel Nava in Game 6 on Wednesday at Fenway Park. Schilling said, '€œNo, not at all,'€ does starting Gomes over Nava make sense to him. '€œI love Daniel Nava, I think the kid is just a complete player,'€ Schilling said. '€œI think that the Gomes thing is exactly what John said -- I think it'€™s a hunch, and he'€™s continuing to play it.'€ Schilling also questioned Farrell's decision-making throughout the series. '€œI thought John had made some questionable moves and changes, and I thought got outmanaged a couple of different times,'€ Schilling said. '€œThey'€™re playing poorly, but they'€™re good enough to play around that. I guess they'€™re one of the few teams that can do that.'€ If not for Ortiz, the Red Sox likely would find themselves in a significantly different situation. St. Louis continues to pitch to Ortiz despite the fact he possesses a .733/750/1.267 batting line, with four extra-base hits in five games. '€œThe problem is that he'€™s so locked in, it'€™s very Barry Bonds-like in the sense that when he was going well, he would literally get one pitch, not an at-bat, a game, and when he got it he would never miss it. David is getting a pitch an at bat and he'€™s not missing it,'€ Schilling said. Schilling attempted to explain why Cardinals starter Adam Wainwright pitched to Ortiz in Boston'€™s 3-1 Game 5 win, when he collected three more hits, including an RBI double. '€œI think that Adam Wainwright thought he could change something,'€ Schilling said, adding: '€œIt'€™s different to talk to and tell your No. 2, 3, 4 and 5 to pitch around a guy than it is your ace.'€ In addition to slowing Ortiz, the Cardinals must wake up on offense. Matt Holliday has been the main offensive contributor, providing four of St. Louis'€™ nine extra-base hits. '€œI don'€™t want to take anything away from the Red Sox, because I think they'€™ve done some things they'€™ve needed to do, but the Cardinals haven'€™t played well,'€ Schilling said. The Cardinals'€™ best run-producer, Allen Craig, still appears hampered by the foot injury that sidelined him for six weeks and up until the World Series. '€œAt the end of the day, the Cardinals are doing this without their David Ortiz. Allen Craig, for the most part, is a non-entity,'€ Schilling said. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page. For more Red Sox news, visit the team page at