David Ortiz takes stock of Red Sox through Month of Adjustment

April 30, 2014 - 1:25 pm
David Ortiz is praying to Mother Nature, hoping that once the weather starts to get warmer, the Red Sox subsequently start to heat up as well. "Mother Nature, what's going on?" Ortiz jokingly exclaimed, turning to the ceiling of the Red Sox clubhouse. "It will go away, probably a week it will get back into baseball weather and once the weather heats up, Papi heats up." After his team finished the month 13-14, sitting in third place in the American League East, Ortiz wants to see the team settle into improved play -- but he suggested that he's been unsurprised to see the 2014 Red Sox assume some lumps to this point. "April is always a tough month. You've got to deal with a lot of things, you've got to deal with the new faces, you've got to deal with the weather, you've got to deal with the new players from the other league, there'€™s a lot of things you've got to make adjustments," he opined. "I always call April the Month of Adjustment. "The games that we have won this year is a combination of good pitching and good offense and the game that we've lost is a combination of not a consistent pitching with not a consistent offense," Ortiz said. "Winning games is a combination. We pretty much have played all the games against our division, which is a stronger division in baseball so it's hard." Ortiz believes the team needs execute its offensive game plan better when given the opportunity against good pitching. "Most of the time when you have the good pitching, they have good pitching on the other side which you don't get that many opportunities to execute," Ortiz said. "When you get it, then boom, you have a good offense executing. It's just winning is a little bit of everything and I think that's what's been happening. Most of the games that we have lost, we haven't been able to execute, combine then some of the games." Ortiz is not satisfied with the team's performance in April and thinks that the team can play much better. "There is a way where we continue trying to get better and go from there," Ortiz said. Ortiz, along with many of his other teammates, hope that once the weather gets better, the wins will start to pour in. "I hit a ball last night that I swear to God, I wanted to cry," Ortiz said. "It was so cold, but it is what it is. You don't want to use the weather as an excuse. You definitely don't play the same way with the cold weather with the 70- or 80-degree weather but we're going to get there."