David Ross on M&M: Ryan Dempster 'going to be greatly missed'

February 17, 2014 - 10:27 am
Red Sox catcher David Ross joined Mut & Merloni on Monday to talk about the upcoming season, his opinion on Ryan Dempster taking the year off, and the possibility of him managing a team one day. To hear the interview, go to the Mut & Merloni audio on demand page. Ross sees a good work ethic in the 2014 group that also was present for the 2013 group. "I think the personality of our group, the personality of, like you said, last year our biggest losing streak was no more than three in a row," Ross said. "So, when you've got guys [who] come in each day, work their tails off, lay it out all on the line, every night, go home that night, come back and do the same thing, that'€™s the personality we had last year as a group. I think we'll be the same, personality wise, as that group. It should help us out really well." When Ben Cherington was looking around for catchers, he gave Ross a call for some information on candidates. "I gave him my opinion on all the guys, just as a competitor, if I knew any of the guys I gave him my opinion," Ross said. "I think he does that with a big group and then kind of gets some feedback." With Dempster announcing that he wouldn't pitch in 2014 on Sunday, Ross recalled his best story with the pitcher. "€œWe landed in Toronto, and he'€™s from Canada, so he walks to the front of the bus and starts talking on the mic,"€ Ross said. "€œAnd he had that whole bus, he was talking in his Harry Caray voice, and he was talking, giving us like a tour of Toronto as we drove into, like a 30-minute tour, as we drove into the city from the airport. And I literally, I have never, I mean, signing to asking questions to interviewing, being two different people. I mean he was just putting a show on. It was the first time he just kind of let his whole personality out. I've never witnessed anything better than that. He'€™s going to be greatly missed as far as a competitor, teammate, person, on and off the field. Just a quality quality human being." As he nears the end of his playing career, Ross said he would like to give managing a shot one day. "I love being around the game, I love talking the game, and I feel like you'€™re a manager on the field," Ross said. "I'€™m game-managing when I'€™m catching, I think, I thought that's what I did best in the World Series, honestly, I was just managing the game and how it all played out. That's one of my strengths. Do I want to manage? I don'€™t know. I love competing right now and I love the team concept. I don'€™t want to get out of this game, I love this game. If somebody gave me an opportunity to manage, I'd jump at the chance to do it, but I don'€™t know if there'€™s anyone dumb enough to give me an opportunity to manage, to be honest with you."