Brad Marchand on Sidney Crosby hit: 'That hit cost me a lot of money'

DJ Bean
February 22, 2016 - 7:16 am

Low-bridge hits are dangerous, as Brad Marchand knows. Boston'€™s star left-winger has twice been suspended -- once for five games in 2012 and then this season for three games -- for such plays, which involving ducking under a player and lifting up, thus leaving how they fall and where they land up to fate. On Sunday, Sidney Crosby committed such a hit on Sabres forward Nicolas Deslauriers. He was not given any supplemental discipline.

Asked Monday if he saw the hit, Marchand grinned and didn't say anything. Asked if it reminded him of anything, Marchand replied, "That cost me a lot of money, that hit." (How much money? Between the salary forfeited to the Players' Emergency Assistance Fund for the hit on Sami Salo ($152,439.02) and the hit on Mark Borowiecki ($164,634.15), Marchand has lost $317,073.17 over such clipping infractions.) Crosby will forfeit no money. When asked about the Penguins star not being punished for a similar play to his suspendable actions, Marchand chose his words carefully. "Uh," Marchand said before pausing for five seconds. "I ... nah, I can'€™t say that." "That'€™s not up to me to decide," he eventually said. "It's a very similar hit and I thought maybe they'€™d take a look at it, but they didn't. That'€™s their discretion."