Bruins react to latest Alain Vigneault comments

DJ Bean
November 29, 2015 - 7:28 am

[caption id="attachment_49968" align="alignright" width="150"] Claude Julien[/caption] In the latest Alain Vigneault vs. the Bruins spat, members of the Bruins reacted on Sunday to the Rangers coach'€™s latest comments about Friday'€™s B'€™s win. Vigneault, whose issues with the Bruins date back to the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, questioned Julien'€™s eyesight on Saturday in reaction to Julien calling Henrik Lundqvist an actor for embellishing a Brad Marchand penalty. This came after Vigneault had compared Matt Beleskey'€™s hit on Derek Stepan --€” a likely case of boarding that went uncalled --€” to Aaron Rome'€™s head shot on Nathan Horton in Game 3 of the 2011 Cup Final between the Bruins and Vigneault-coached Canucks. "Who would you rather have as a son: Henrik Lundqvist or Brad Marchand?" Vigneault asked Saturday. "For him to say things like that about Hank, totally wrong, and probably Claude is getting a little older and needs to check his eyesight." Julien clarified Sunday that he respects Lundqvist, getting another dig in at Vigneault in the process. "I think it'€™s pretty obvious what I said was that I thought Lundqvist sold it. Not for a second did I ever question Henrik Lundqvist as a goaltender or as a person. We all know how good a goaltender he is. I know he'€™s a good person,"€ Julien said. "€œI'€™ve met him at the All-Star games and all that stuff, so it certainly wasn'€™t any more than just the situation. That'€™s all I'€™ve got to say on Lundqvist. "As far as my eyes, I'€™m not the one who compared Beleskey'€™s hit to Rome, so we'€™ll just leave it at that." Despite the absurdity of the comparison of a late hit in the corner to a head shot at the blue line, Beleskey was measured in politely disagreeing with Vigneault'€™s comments about his hit. "I think it was a little different than that hit, obviously," Beleskey said. There was no suspension. [Rome'€™s] was a serious hit. I think [mine] was a clean hit, came from the front. I think it was, what? Point-nine seconds after, or something? I don'€™t know what the rule is -- 0.8? I don'€™t know. Tough to count 0.8 in my head. Like I said, I don'€™t think he really braced himself for the hit and that'€™s what resulted in the outcome." As for Marchand, the Bruins'€™ left wing smirked through much of his media availability Sunday, but shied away from lobbing any more shots in Vigneault'€™s direction. As you might remember, Vigneault said back in 2012 that Marchand would one day get seriously injured by another player, something that Marchand responded to at the time by saying, "it just shows the class he has, or lack thereof." Marchand was more measured on Sunday, however. Clearly aware that this all goes back to 2011, Marchand pled ignorance as to why Vigneault -- whom Marchand says he'€™s never met -- has continually taken shots at him in the press. "I'€™m not sure, you know? I thought I was a likable person," Marchand said. "That'€™s something you'€™re going to ask him. We just want to play the game and try to keep everything on the ice." With regard to how good a son he is, Marchand said his parents like him just fine. "I don'€™t know if my mom'€™s seen it yet and I haven'€™t talked to my dad about it," Marchand said. "I think they love me, though."