The King of Pop Remembered by Athletes

DJ Bean
June 26, 2009 - 6:39 am

Love him or hate him, Michael Jackson was an icon. From his days as a child star to his tremendous success with Quincy Jones to questionable surgical procedures to accusations that eventually proved to be false, the King of Pop always seemed to be caught up in headlines. A day after his death, nothing has changed. Coverage of Jackson's death has been inescapable since the news broke yesterday afternoon. In addition to undoubtedly being an inspiration to his fans -- "Black or White" -- MJ had an impact on athletes all over the world. Many have sent their condolences through the media and Twitter. "rip micheal jackson. wut a sad day. my homies gone," said Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard via Twitter on the same day his team acquired Vince Carter from the Nets. "y are people so controversial on here. i am very shocked about mj. i have every song he ever put out. i am shocked and sad '€¦ today isnt a good day to talk about trades. really not. im sorry." Meanwhile, Chad Ocho Cinco did the unthinkable by taking it a little too far, something he had never, ever, done before. Check out some of these tweets from 85:

'€œOkay, first Mrs. Fawcett now Mr. Jackson, please tell me that this is a mistaken rumor, if not this is just as sad as 9/11 '€¦"

"okay not as bad as 911, its sad period, both situations my goodness people, they just said he is okay in the hospital '€¦"

"The 9/11 was a bit over the top, i am just in an emotional state right now, bare with me while i regroup people, be back in 10 minutes '€¦"

"Sorry 85 million times, today sucks man, i still have my jacket with the zippers on it, wow"

Surprisingly enough, Dennis Rodman had the sincerest (and best-written) tweet of the trio: '€œMourning the loss of the greatest pop star and icon of my lifetime. Michael Jackson was truly the best. I wish his family well.'€ In a chat during yesterday's Red Sox game on the the Full Count Blog, former Sox ace Curt Schilling gave his two cents on the death of the pop star.  "I am not sure how to react to that other than to feel sad he is gone," said Schilling. "[The] last half of his life I felt incredibly sorry for him." Athletes didn't just wait for his death to pay tribute to the King. Who could forget Donovan McNabb turning to the following dance for inspiration on his touchdown celebration?  And Carmello Anthony felt he had to tell everyone just how much Allen Iverson loved Jackson last year.   Chris Rock famously said America's love for MJ was apparent when his child molestation accusations weren't taken seriously. As is usually the case with Rock, the video contains explicit language. Here's a glimpse at what some of his fellow pop stars had to say in Jackson's memory. Note that Paul McCartney still spoke highly of Jackson despite the fact that MJ screwed him over in an auction for the rights to Beatles songs. Apparently Jackson made all things right again in his will. Despite the accusations, skin transformations and which babies Jackson may or may not have endangered on a certain balcony, the King of Pop is gone. Clearly, he will be remembered.