The NBA Draft and deciding what Shaq and LeBron's celeb couple name should be

DJ Bean
June 25, 2009 - 7:18 am

It's a big day in the NBA today! Day, not just night, and here's why. Draft Day for the NBA has two of the most exciting things on the NBA calendar (unless you're into watching games and that kind of stuff): the draft (obviously), and the pre-draft deadline for dealing teams to make their moves. Obviously, the deadline isn't a big deal, but it's a real treat to watch David Stern walk up to say the Celtics have drafted Jeff Green when he knows damn well that he'll be back out there in two minutes to announce that they have traded the forward to Seattle. It seems like a ridiculous system, having teams select players for other teams and making the poor kid put on the wrong hat for five minutes and get interviewed under the falsest of pretences. Personally, I'm tickled by it. I thought it was cool seeing Randy Foye in a Boston cap, even if it only was for a brief moment. As for who could be putting on that cap tonight for the Celtics, two draft outlets have them selecting a point guard with the 58th overall pick (apparently they traded their first-rounder for some guy named Garnett). has the Green taking Gonzaga senior Jeremy Pargo while ESPN has them going with Southern Illinois point guard Bryan Mullins. Pargo might project a little better to the NBA and is a little taller than Mullins, but Celtics fans aren't getting caught up with who Danny Ainge will take in the second round. Boston is waiting for his next big move. Obviously Ainge is a guy who is familiar with trades involving top-10 picks. In addition to spinning Foye in '06 in a deal for Sebastian Telfair and Theo Ratliff, he also turned Green and parts into Ray Allen in '07. This time the rumors are different. Rather than trading out, as they did in the past, the Celtics could be looking to swap Rajon Rando for a package that includes a top-10 choice. While earlier rumors had Rondo and Allen going to Phoenix in a deal that would net them Amare Stoudemire, recent speculation has made a bit more sense. The most commonly-speculated deal of late has been one in which Ainge sends Rondo and Brian Scalabrine to Memphis in exchange for Mike Conley and Rudy Gay. That's a pretty fantastic deal for the Celtics, but in a perfect world the Celtics would be able to get the second pick in exchange for Gay and select Memphis shooting guard Tyreke Evans. That' right, there's a scenario in which Connecticut's Hasheem Thabeet doesn't go second overall, but think of how much that could benefit the Celtics. In Conley they would have a young point guard, and by getting Evans they would have a shooting guard who can learn for a year under Allen before becoming a starter in his sophomore campaign. The biggest head-scratcher throughout this whole Rondo fiasco is this: if the Celtics are trying to trade Rondo, why is their GM badmouthing him to the media? Isn't that the opposite of trying to maximize what you get back in return? Also, in case you're living under a rock and don't know, Shaq got traded to the Cavs. Expect LeBron's points per game to dip because he will no longer have the middle at his disposal. The attention that Shaq will bring to the paint will make it far more difficult for James to drive, but if anyone can make it work, it's "The Bron." And yes, I promised some celebrity couple names, so take your pick: LeShaq (too easy), ShaBron (sounds like the name of a Martin Lawrence movie), and my favorite, LeBraq.