With no chance at a mohawk, Recchi will settle for toughness

DJ Bean
October 08, 2010 - 6:02 am

PRAGUE -- The Bruins' town hall meeting from last month was pretty interesting in that season ticket holders voiced their grievances with the 2009-10 Bruins and stated how they want the team to improve in the coming season. Though the way their opinions were phrased provided the checkmark for the entertainment column, nothing they said really went against what management or the players were trying to do. For example, an older season ticket holder got up and said that he had been watching hockey his entire life and pleaded with the players in attendance -- Zdeno Chara, Mark Recchi, and Patrice Bergeron -- to finish their hits. Much as was the case with the other requests, the players agreed, as Recchi and teammates had a discussion about making toughness on the ice a priority in the coming season. "One thing we were talking about, all of this us this morning [is that] we're a tough team. When you look at our team, we've got a big, physical team. If you don't play that way every night, you're not going to get that respect factor," Recchi said. "If we learn to play every night as a presence on the night, physical, skating in your face, what your goal is as a team is by the second half of the year for teams to go, 'Jeez. I don't want to go play them, because you know they're going to come and work their tails off, you know they're going to finish every check, they're going to be physical every night, and they're big and they're fast.' "You want to get that reputation. That 'Jeez, we've got to go play them. No matter what, they're going to work.' That's important. If we can get that consistency, we'll be a real tough team." -------------------- Recchi said he still gets the same jitters and experiences the same sort of emotions for opening night at this stage of his career as all the others. One thing that has changed since his first game in the NHL is his look. "I got called up from Muskegon to play in Toronto," Recchi said of his debut with the Penguins in the 1988-89 season. "I had a mohawk. All the rookies got shaved a week before, so I remember it perfectly." After hearing of Recchi's former hair style, a reporter noted that mohawks are fashionable in Prague, and that perhaps it might be appropriate if he sported one for the team's games on Saturday and Sunday. Recchi simply smiled and took off his baseball cap to reveal how much his hair has thinned over the years. "I don't know if I can even grow one anymore," the 42-year-old Recchi said.