Shortstoptometry: Stephen Drew adds glasses to legend

DJ Bean
May 29, 2014 - 2:37 pm

PAWTUCKET -- Update your Red Sox edition '€œGuess Who?'€ sets, America; Stephen Drew has glasses. Drew'€™s eyesight became almost as famous as his glove last October. Now, after contact lenses changed the story of his postseason, he'€™s taking glasses for a spin as he nears his return to Boston. Drew, as many will remember, was being kept in the lineup by his defensive prowess as he entered the final game of the World Series with only four hits in 50 at-bats, good for a miserable .080 batting average. Then Drew made a trip to the eye doctor before Game 6 and the rest, as the adage goes, is optometry history. Wearing contact lenses for the first time, Drew went 2-for-4 with a home run to help the Sox to a 6-1 victory that clinched the title. As he prepared to play shortstop in Pawtucket for a second straight day, Drew was sporting athletic frames with prescription lenses. "€œI just got these in not too long ago -- like a day ago,"€ Drew said. "€œI'€™m trying these out."€ Drew isn'€™t sure whether he will keep the glasses or go back to contact lenses, but he said he has felt the benefit of both and will continue to use one or another. "The contacts, definitely at night time, they do help out," Drew said. "The only problem with contacts, as people know that wear them, is on real windy nights, they dry out really bad. I'€™m trying to find the happy medium there to see if I can play in these glasses and still get the benefit of that." Drew played seven innings in his first game for Pawtucket Wednesday, with the plan Thursday changed from him DHing to playing seven to nine innings of shortstop. He says he feels that progress is being made after spending the beginning of the season working out in Miami in Georgia as he tried to stay in shape for when he was signed. "I did the best I could [of staying in shape]," Drew said. "Now it'€™s just getting in game mode of being able to play nine innings or more. That'€™s the key, and so far it'€™s going well and working towards that progress." But most importantly, the glasses thing.