Brad Marchand

Suspended Brad Marchand dealing with extra-long break

DJ Bean
January 04, 2016 - 7:54 am

Twelve is an interesting number for Brad Marchand. It'€™s the number of games he'€™s been suspended over four different punishments since becoming an NHL regular in 2010-11. It'€™s also the total number of games he'€™s missed otherwise. So Marchand is used to playing, and half the time that he isn'€™t he's still healthy. Marchand's lack of injury history is significant enough to make any stretch out of the lineup uncommon. This is nearly the longest such stretch of his career. Although Marchand was once suspended for five games back in January of 2012 for low-bridging Sami Salo, the timing of the Winter Classic has made it so his current three-game suspension is only one day shorter than the aforementioned five-gamer. Marchand'€™s 2012 ban kept him out of action for 11 days, while this one is 10 days long. "I'€™m not going to lose anything. It'€™s been a long season and I'€™ve been playing a lot of minutes this year. I feel like my stamina'€™s up," a sweaty Marchand said after putting in extra skating in Monday's practice. "You work harder when you'€™re out than when you'€™re in anyway, so I'€™m going to work harder the next eight or nine days than I will if I'€™m playing. "The main thing that I always find is that when you miss a few games, you come back hungrier and ready to go. Hopefully that'€™s the case and I come back and play well right away." Marchand should hope so. He is currently enjoying the best season of his career (15 goals, on pace for a career-high 34) and the Bruins have been hard-pressed for offense of late. His suspension, handed out last week after a hit on Senators defenseman Mark Borowiecki, has rubbed Marchand the wrong way for a couple reasons. Among them was that he had to sit in the press box during the Winter Classic rather than playing. "It was definitely tough. Just frustrating," Marchand said. "There'€™s nothing I could really do about it." Marchand has copped to foul play in the past, but he remains adamant that he wasn'€™t trying to hit Borowiecki, let alone low-bridge him. The Department of Player Safety factored in Marchand'€™s tendency for hitting players low when making their ruling. "There'€™s a lot of difference between that hit and previous ones," Marchand said. "I wasn'€™t even trying to make a hit there. It is what it is. It'€™s a hockey play and those things happen." Marchand will be available to return to the Bruins on Jan. 9 against the Senators. He'€™ll have to be on his best behavior.