Dr. James Andrews agrees with original diagnosis of Clay Buchholz injury

July 22, 2013 - 2:51 pm
Clay Buchholz'€™s visit to Dr. James Andrews revealed nothing new '€” which is good news for Buchholz. Andrews agreed with the Red Sox original diagnosis '€” that Buchholz only has inflammation in his shoulder and neck area, according to Red Sox manager John Farrell. '€œFrom my understanding of it, the exam that Dr. Andrews relayed to him is that he is going to feel  at times a little stiffness or discomfort just by virtue of getting back in pitching shape,'€ Farrell said. '€œHe felt as he revs back up, he is going to experience some of those, but the root of it is not because of the injury or with reconditioning, getting the throwing arm back in shape.'€ Buchholz'€™s return will not be immediate, as Farrell said he expects him to continue the originally planned pitching program. He will likely go through another three bullpen sessions before throwing in simulated game situations. Farrell did not give a date to which he expects the 28-year-old to return. If anything, Andrews'€™ diagnosis will help Buchholz understand what he will be pitching through as he tries to make his comeback. According to Farrell, Buchholz is unlikely to make his injury worse by pitching through the expected discomfort. '€œI think that assurance that the discomfort he is feeling is not injury related '€” it is more about getting back into game shape '€” I would think that there would be more readiness on his part to go through that,'€ Farrell said. Even with the Red Sox getting good news in terms of Buchholz'€™s injury, the diagnosis is not expected to have an effect on the Red Sox approach to the trade deadline, according to WEEI.com'€™s Rob Bradford.