Dustin Pedroia contract terms

July 24, 2013 - 11:33 am

Here's the breakdown of Dustin Pedroia's eight-year, $110 million deal (which replaces both the final year and option year of his current contract) to remain with the Red Sox through 2021, when he will be 38 years old: Signing Bonus-    $1m 2014 -    $12.5m 2015 -    $12.5m 2016 -    $13m 2017 -    $15m 2018 -    $16m 2019 -    $15m 2020 -    $13m 2021 -    $12m Total $110m over 8 years.  Some of the above salary is deferred. Awards package Trade protection (not a full no trade). For the purposes of luxury tax calculations, Major League Baseball values the deal at $13.2 million -- behind Ian Kinsler ($15 million per year for five years) as the highest-paid second baseman ever. Pedroia, however, described passing on the opportunity to set the market for second baseman as "a no-brainer." "I'm not here to set markets," he said. "I'm here to win more games than the other second basemen." The structure of the deal means that Pedroia will cost the team less at a stage of his career (and at ages) when he is likely to be in a state of some decline, a structure that was agreed upon by the two sides in hopes of ensuring that Pedroia will be a sound investment (and never an albatross) through the life of the contract.