Eagles Holding On By A Thread At Half

September 19, 2009 - 9:47 am

Clemson leads Boston College 16-0 at halftime. Yet, this game should be a blowout. The only thing that is keeping Boston College from being down 30-0 at this point is that the defense is playing extremely well. They Eagles are keeping Clemson out of the end zone by some type elastic miracle, limiting the explosive offense to three field goals on drives deep in Boston College territory with some gritty and timely tackles. One gets the feeling that it will not last. It is just death by paper cuts, but is death nonetheless. The Eagles simply cannot move the ball. Through the first half they have racked up a grand total of negative five yards. Yes, you heard that right -- negative five. What are the problems for the Eagles moving the ball? Well, just about everything. The offensive line, a supposed strength of this team, is not getting good push off the ball. That has led to a rough day for the Flash and Dash duo of Montel Harris (seven attempts for four yards) and Josh Haden (five for three). It also means that quarterbacks Justin Tuggle and Dave Shinskie have had very little time to operate in the "pocket" (if there has been an approximation thereof) while Tigers' defensive ends Ricky Sapp and Da'Quan Bowers have their way. Speaking of Shinskie, the 25-year old freshman has looked terrible. His seven year lay off from organized football may have finally come up with him. On his second snap after taking over for Tuggle he fumbled the snap from center by pulling out too soon. The ball was recovered by by the Tigers at the BC 10-yard line and led to Richard Jackson field goal after the Eagles defense put the clamps down. Shinskie's second series did not go well either. He ended up going three-and-out and was saved from a second fumble (after getting sacked by Sapp) when offensive lineman Emmett Cleary sat on the ball. If Shinskie is going to turn it around this week, or in weeks to come, he is going to have to learn to make quicker, more decisive, decisions with the football. If Boston College has a chance in the second half they are going to have to find some bigs plays either on special teams or by getting the Harris or senior wideout captain Rich Gunnell into the game.