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Barstool Sports' Kayce Smith on Not Sunday podcast explains what it's like working for Dave Portnoy

Erin Walsh
September 12, 2018 - 12:04 pm

Barstool Sports' Kayce Smith, formerly of NBC Sports Boston, joined the Not Sunday podcast this week with Ryan Hannable to discuss a number of things, including what it's like to work at Barstool and for Dave Portnoy.

“He’s great. Working for Dave [Portnoy] is great,” said Smith. “It is different than anywhere else I’ve ever been and I think that’s because he’s so much more accessible. I mean like you walk into Barstool's headquarters on the content floor and you walk basically almost right into Dave’s office. Erika Nardini, the CEO, is right across the hall as well so you can get in to see them at any point.”

“I think the moment that I really realized how working for Dave was going to be was the first time I ever met with him. We grabbed a drink in Boston before one of the Patriots games and it was actually when they were doing the clown shirts and we were just meeting because he was interested about Boston Sports Tonight and you know, kind of my path in college football and the whole time he’s getting text messages about how pissed the NFL and Roger Goodell are about these shirts," Smith added. "And I’m sitting there like, this guy is running a 100 million dollar company, he’s part of the main site content, he is the content here and he’s dealing with people getting pissed off at him from the NFL and Roger Goodell. You know, I just couldn’t believe that this person was handling all that at once, but Dave knows what works and what doesn’t and I think again, that’s what makes him so successful.

"He’s going say what he thinks and that’s I think a lot different than in networks because there’s a structure. You can’t just come into work everyday and say whatever you want at any point at a lot of places and that’s just not in sports, that's anywhere. You can’t just walk into a corporate office and just spout off whatever you’re thinking, but he can and that’s why Barstool is the way that it is.”

Smith is currently part of a new college football show, which debuted last week and is also part of the Comeback SZN podcast featuring Johnny Manziel.

“I love working for this company," she said. "It’s an adjustment, like I said, but it’s a fun adjustment and the freedom is great.”

Listen to the complete podcast below.

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