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Brad Marchand on Winter Classic: 'It will be an incredible experience'

Erin Walsh
December 21, 2018 - 3:14 pm

The Winter Classic is quickly approaching, which means the title sponsor Bridgestone is interviewing players to talk outdoor hockey and history of the game.

Brad Marchand talked to Bridgestone about what it will be like for him to head back outdoors at Notre Dame Stadium.

“There’s a lot of big games throughout the year,” said Marchand. “The Bridgestone Winter Classic, that will probably top them all. To be able to be at that stadium [Notre Dame] in front of the amount of fans that will be there, playing outside against Chicago, it will be an incredible experience.”

Marchand added: “Play your whole life on the lakes and outside during the winter time so you’re just trying to get out there and have some fun and play some hockey. To be able to replicate that in the NHL, there’s nothing better than that.”

Playing pond hockey certainly reminds Marchand of how much he loves the game and the opportunity to play in the Winter Classic has him reminiscing on the good times he had as a child.

“Having the opportunity to play in the Bridgestone Winter Classic, it’s going to bring us back to those days where we’re out on the pond, where we’re out on the lakes for hours on end with our buddies playing until dark and finding ways to hook up lights so you could play at night time," he said.

Marchand added: “Shooting the pucks down the ice and you would have to skate five minutes just to go get it back. You would have these big snow banks that you would hit each other into and you would get up all covered in snow. Those are just incredible experiences that we can’t get enough of.”

The Bruins take on the Blackhawks on New Year's Day at Notre Dame Stadium.