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Tedy Bruschi on OMF: Patriots are a problem right now

Erin Walsh
September 28, 2018 - 11:30 am

Former Patriots linebacker and current NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi joined Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria for his weekly appearance and he didn’t sound too confident in the Patriots right now.

“They’re a problem, definitely,” said Bruschi. “Fundamental problems, also scheme problems, team type of problems, all of that. Those are problems that they should be serious about and its going to take a little time to fix. You went up against a Detroit Lions team that knew you very well. Out-coached and out-played.”

Bruschi went into detail on the issues.

“It’s on both sides of the ball,” said Bruschi. “Both sides of the ball in terms of learning who they are and going through the process of also learning players, schemes, and coaches. So, that’s both sides of the ball with no Julian Edelman, an injury here or there on offense, new players on offense and then on the defensive side of the ball, similar issues but then Brian Flores being the new voice. Usually, you’re in September and the defense can count on the offense scoring 25-27 points a game. That's not the fact, that's not the case anymore. You score a couple touchdowns, and get up by 14, now defense is easy.”

With Ja’Whaun Bentley out for the remainder of the year and Dont’a Hightower not looking like himself, there is some concern at the linebacker position.

“Yeah, also depth," he said. "Right now, another injury, now you’re in big trouble because he [Bentley] provided that depth. If something happens to High [Hightower], Bentley is a player you can count on. Definitely the depth is hurting there. I’m worried about the linebacker position. I mean, they had a tough game. They [Lions] knew what to do when they knew the Patriots were playing a lot of man coverage.”

Rob Gronkowski was nearly traded to the Lions during the offseason. When asked about the Gronkowski situation, Bruschi says that Gronkowski is just going to speak his mind.

“Well, this is what I think,” said Bruschi. “Rob Gronkowski is finally at the point where Rodney Harrison and I were at a point in that locker room where we would just speak our minds. You don’t really care because I’m doing my job and I’m making sure others are doing their job.”

Will the Patriots bounce back this week against the Miami Dolphins?

“I don’t think its a given,” said Bruschi. “I mean am I pecking the Dolphins, no I’m not. The game is in Foxboro, if the game is away then I might have a different selection to tell you the truth.”

The Patriots square off against the Dolphins at home this Sunday at 1 p.m.